“ELIH-Med” - Energy Efficiency in Low Income Housing in the Mediterranean.

(Med Programme)


The main objective of the project is to identify and test, through large scale pilot actions, the feasibility of cost efficient technical solutions and innovative financial mechanisms backed with ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).

The project achievement shall be extended to all Mediterranean area, taking into account the differences of the region in comparison to the rest of Europe.

As a strategy project, ELIH-Med shall put its efforts to develop and get a political consensus on a transnational operational program on energy efficiency (EE) in low-income buildings which should be a significant component of a macro regional strategy in the Mediterranean area.

Main activities:

  • Development of integrated policies to promote energy efficiency in LIH (low-income housing) in the Mediterranean through project result capitalisation
  •   Implementation of a large scale pilot experimentation of technical and financial solutions in 420 low incoming dwellings to improve energy efficiency
  •  Promotion of intelligent energy management systems at local and regional level through the experimentation of multi-energy smart meters in 135 low incoming dwellings

 KiNNO Consultants Ltd. Region of East Macedonia and Thrace (NEXT.COM S.A), is responsible for:

  •  The final presentation of the project’s results in the Conference that will be organized in the framework of ELIH-Med project
  •  The development of the report including the recommendations of the Greek partners of the projects ELIH-Med, MARIE and PROFORBIOMED regarding the integrated Policy Roadmap over energy efficiency
  •   The contribution in the implementation of the Capitalization Plan

Partnership: Italian National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development (Italy), Cyprus Energy Agency (Cyprus), Group for the Environment, Renewable Energy and Solidarity (France), Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency (Malta), Comune di Genova (Italy), Languedoc-Roussillon Regional Council (France), Agency for sustainable Mediterranean cities and territories (France), Istituto per la promozione dell'innovazione tecnologica (Italy), LAORE Sardegna – Regional Agency for develop in Agriculture (Italy), Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (France), Region of East Macedonia and Thrace (Greece), Valencia Institute of Building-Foundation Comunitat Valenciana (Spain), "Jožef Stefan" Institute - Energy Efficiency Centre (Slovenia), Malaga City Council (Spain), Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (Greece), Democritus University of Thrace (Greece), Text (Belgique), 13 Habitat (France), Comune di Frattamaggiore (Italy)

Website: www.elih-med.eu 

Funding Opportunities

Available funding opportunities:

ERC - Proof of Concept

Horizon2020 - SME Instrument

Innovation Highway®

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