"RENEW" - Readdressing education in nourishing expert skills

(Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci)

The aim of this project is to bring together organizations, where experienced and skilled professionals engaged in the implementation of European Programmes and the management of European funds and projects. The project aims to transfer knowledge through mutual cooperation aimed at enhancing the professionalism of each partner, and to improve working skills.

KiNNO Consultants Ltd. is responsible for providing methodologies, best practices, lessons learned from documented experience in planning, organizing and scheduling co-financed by the EU projects (e.g. creation of a team project, design work plan and timetable, budget development etc), and efficient project management (e.g. creating tools for monitoring and quality assurance mechanisms, producing factsheets projects, financial and management accounting etc).

Partnership: Atena Srl, Associazione professionale studio legale Crastolla, European Development Agency, EUNET EUROPAI EGYUTTMUKODESI HALOZATOKERT ALAPITVANY, Core Sp zoo, OFICEFORMA, NIEUWE MEDIA SCHOOL, PIN Education Ltd, Nevvar Salih Isgoren Kampusu Ticaret Meslek Lisesi, FOSTER Foundation, Ludzas novada Bernu un jauniesu centrs, IPA SA

Website: http://leonardorenew.weebly.com

Visit the project’s platform following the link: www.nms-elearning.be

Funding Opportunities

Available funding opportunities:

ERC - Proof of Concept

Horizon2020 - SME Instrument

Innovation Highway®

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