TUCAN3G, Wireless technologies for isolated rural communities: Publications

The European project TUCAN3G has created fertile ground for the preparation of a series of important publications that have been included either in journals or in Conferences during the project’s implementation. This fact proves the high quality of the project’s results that are very crucial especially for the rural and isolated areas of the Peruvian jungle, where pilot activities took place. The following lists present Journal and Conference publications linked to TUCAN3G project and prepared by its consortium. The files to be downloaded are in PDF format, and the papers are sorted by publication date. The confidential documents listed below are not available for downloading.

Journal publications

[1] Javier Simo-Reigadas; Esteban Municio; Eduardo Morgado; Eva M. Castro; Andres Martinez-Fernandez; Luis F. Solorzano; Ignacio Prieto-Egido, "Sharing low-cost wireless infrastructures with telecommunications operators to bring 3G services to rural communities"Computer Networks, Elsevier.
[2] Ignacio Foche-Perez , Javier Simo-Reigadas , Ignacio Prieto-Egido , Eduardo Morgado and Andres Martinez-Fernandez, "A dual IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15-4 network architecture for energy-efficient communications with low-demanding applications"Elsevier Ad-Hoc Networks.
[3] Javier Rubio, Olga Muñoz, Antonio Pascual-Iserte, "A Stochastic Approach for Resource Allocation with Backhaul and Energy Harvesting Constraints"IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technology.
[4] Javier Rubio, Jaume del Olmo, Antonio Pascual-Iserte, Josep Vidal, Olga Muñoz, Adrián Agustín, "Network Dimensioning and Base Station On/Off Switching Strategies for Sustainable Deployments in Remote Areas"to be submitted to Elsevier Computer Networks.
[5] Javier Rubio, Antonio Pascual-Iserte, Jaume del Olmo, Josep Vidal, "User Association for Rate Balancing in Heterogeneous Networks with Energy Harvesting Constraints"to be submitted to IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications.

Conference publications

[1] Javier Simo-Reigadas, Esteban Municio, Eduardo Morgado, Eva Castro and Andres Martinez, "Sharing low-cost wireless infraestructures with telecommunications operators for backhauling 3G services in deprived rural areas"IEEE WoWMoM, Boston, USA, June 2015.
[2] Adrian Agustin, Sandra Lagen, Josep Vidal, "Energy Efficient Cell Load-aware Coverage Optimization for Small-Cell Networks ",IEEE Intl. Conference on Communications (ICC), London, UK, June 2015, pp. 1 - 6.
[3] César Gómez, Yury Castillo, Omaira Calvo, "Tucan3G Construcción de un Modelo de Negocio de Telefonía viable para las zonas rurales apartadas"Experiencias internacionales emergentes en gestión tecnológica y de la innovación para el desarrollo territorial, Cartagena, Colombia, March 2015. 
[4] Antonio G. Marques, Luis Cadarso, Eduardo Morgado and Carlos Figuera, "A DECOMPOSITION METHOD FOR OPTIMAL USER ASSIGNMENT IN CELLULAR NETWORKS WITH ORTHOGONAL TRANSMISSIONS"International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP) , Brisbane, Australia, April 2014. 
[5] Javier Simo-Reigadas, Eduardo Morgado, Esteban Municio, Ignacio Prieto-Egido and Andres Martinez-Fernandez, "Assessing IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.16 as backhaul technologies for rural 3G femtocells in rural areas of developing countries"EUCNC 2014, Bolonia, Italy. 
[6] Jaume del Olmo Alòs, Antonio Pascual Iserte, Josep Vidal, Olga Muñoz Medina, Adrián Agustín, "3G Access Network Dimensioning in Isolated Rural Areas Base don Femtocells"EUCNC 2014 (European Conference on Networks and Communications), Bologna, Italy.
[7] Javier Rubio, Antonio Pascual-Iserte, Jaume del Olmo, Josep Vidal, "User Association for Load Balancing in Heterogeneous Networks Powered with Energy Harvesting Sources"GLOBECOM 2014 (IEEE Global Communications Conference), workshop HetsNets (Workshop on Heterogeneous and Small Cell Networks), Austin, USA, pp. 1227 - 1232.
[8] Javier Rubio, Antonio Pascual-Iserte, Josep Vidal, "Base Station On/Off Strategies for Wireless Networks Powered with Energy Harvesting Sources"Joint NEWCOM/COST Workshop on Wireless Communications (JNCW 2015), Barcelona, Spain.
[9] Javier Rubio, Antonio Pascual Iserte, Jaume del Olmo Alòs, Josep Vidal, "Dynamic Base Station Switch On/Off Strategies for Sustainable Wireless Networks"SPAWC 2014 (IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications), Toronto, Canada.
[10] Iván Hernandez and Diego Insuasty, "A Protocol Approach to Test AVBW Tools in Wireless Environment"VII Congreso Iberoamericano de Telemática CITA2015, Popayán, Colombia, pp. 135 - 138. 


[1] Jaume del Olmo, "3G Access Network Dimensioning for Isolated Rural Communities in Developing Countries"UPC, Barcelona, Spain, 2013 December 10th. Advisor/s: Josep Vidal.

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