22_06_2018, Blue Energy Cluster Platform

The Blue Energy Cluster aims at increasing the innovation capacity of its members, supports research and innovation in the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) sector and fosters linkages and collaborations among all the stakeholders of the Quadruple Helix (business- academia- public- citizens).

The Cluster supports its members to jointly identify opportunities in the Mediterranean marine areas, based on key technological areas of Blue Energy, such as offshore wind energy, wave energy, tidal energy etc., in different market sectors including tourism and leisure, aquaculture, shipbuilding and marine transport. The mission of the Cluster is to assist the development of the emerging sector of Blue Energy in the Mediterranean and to become an important part of the blue economy, fuelling economic growth in coastal regions and creating new, high-quality jobs. The Blue Energy Platform, designed by KiNNO, envisions to become the go-to platform for organizations that want to explore the vast sea of opportunities that the Marine Renewable Energy has to offer. The platform provides Cooperation and promotion opportunities for its members.

The platform is implemented in the framework of the pelagos 2INTERREG MED project PELAGOS.




Check out the platform here: http://be-cluster.eu/

To learn more about PELAGOS project, click here.

Funding Opportunities

Available funding opportunities:

ERC - Proof of Concept

Horizon2020 - SME Instrument

Innovation Highway®

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