Researchers & Research Technology Organisations (RTOs)


Intellectual Property ( IP) support

  • Protection of IP
  • Valuation of IP
  • Partnership agreements (foreground – background knowledge)

Exploitation Strategies 

  • Exploitation Plans
  • Licensing out
  • Spin-offs

Marketing R&D and Technologies

  • Technology Based Opportunities
  • Dissemination of technologies to target clients
  • On-line Platforms and global networks

Brokerage Services

  • Organisation of events
  • Missions to target clients
  • Deals negotiations

Project Design &  Management

  • Design of innovative interventions
  • Management of Projects
  • Monitoring of funding opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Available funding opportunities:

ERC - Proof of Concept

Horizon2020 - SME Instrument

Innovation Highway®

For more information about deadlines visit the Calendar.

Featured Technology of the month

Lithium-ion Battery for low temperature applications

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European Space Agency

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