“FIREMED” – Innovative financial instruments to support energy sector SMEs in MED area

(MED programme - Targeted Call for 'Innovation for renewable energy and energy efficiency')



Energy sector SMEs in MED area are considered to be a strategic development asset for the area due to abundance of renewable energy resources available and the increasing demand of energy coming from the industrial sectors and urban developments. The link between energy sector SMEs and sustainable development is clear to all actors working for the economic development of MED countries.

The objective of the project is to approach both Local and Regional Authorities, and Financial Operators in charge to support energy sector SMEs development, proposing innovative financial instruments for Local Development plans, innovative services and improving matching between SMEs in search of financial means and Investors.

FIREMED project will approach the authorities in charge of elaborating Local Development Plans and those providing assistance to energy sector SMEs. For the former, the Project will elaborate innovative model of funding instruments to be introduced in their Local Development Plans based on the new Financial Instruments that are being drawn up at EU Level for the Programme Period 2014-2020. For the latter, the Project will stimulate both a high level of attention, thanks to dedicated services and instruments, and an increased attitude to invest in renewable energies and energy efficiency, thanks to a more detailed knowledge of energy sectors capacities and potentialities.

 KiNNO as technical expert of Cyclades Chamber of Commerce  for FIREMED project is mainly responsible for the following:

·         Report on existing financial services in all project areas

·         Elaboration of a list of 5 innovative financial services & tools and 3 financial schemes to support energy sector SMEs

·         Implementation of pilot activities addressed to energy sector SMEs

·         Monitoring and evaluation of pilot activities

·         Selection of the criteria to develop project sustainability plan

Partnership: Veneto Region - Project Unit Research and Innovation (Italy), Chamber of Commerce of Venice (Italy), Finlombarda (Italy), Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille Provence (France), ARDI - Rhône-Alpes (France), Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalucía (Spain), Regional Council of Chamber of Commerce of Andalusia (Spain), Region of Peloponnese (Greece), Cyclades Chamber of Commerce (Greece), Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Cyprus), Jožef Stefan Institute (Slovenia), ASCAME - Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Spain), Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of the Valencia Region (Spain), Region of Istria (Croatia)                                                             

Website:  http://www.firemed-project.eu/

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Available funding opportunities:

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