“EVLIA” – Making full value of good ideas by leveraging intellectual assets for financing SMEs in SEE

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Innovation is a key driver of Europe's competitiveness and growth. However, in today’s competitive markets, young and innovative SMEs face bottlenecks when trying to grow or attract external funding.

The objective of EVLIA project is to assist SMEs across the South East Europe area to get access to funds, by leveraging their Intellectual Assets (IAs), an additional source of extra value for the companies. The partnership of EVLIA project has designed a concrete methodology in order to identify, visualize and valuate Intellectual Assets of SMEs, belonging in four main categories: Human Capital, Organizational Capital, Intellectual Property and Relational Capital.

Within the framework of the project, pilot cases in all project partners area’s will be implemented in order to apply and test the developed methodology in real SMEs. The EVLIA service, based on a specific Visualization approach, is available through the platform http://www.support2finance.eu/ and can be applied to SMEs operating in various sectors such as ICT, Agrofood, Hi-tech, Health ect.

KiNNO, as expert of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry is responsible to examine, evaluate and revise the criteria and the methodology elaborated for IAs’ Visualization, after testing it in the pilot actions of the project.

Click here to see a short video presenting the EVLIA project.

Partnership: Chamber of Commerce Industry Craft and Agriculture of Venice (Italy), Veneto Region – Unit Research and Development (Italy), Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy), Austria Wirtschaftsservice (Austria), ECONOMICA Institute of Economic Research (Austria), Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (Romania), Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (Romania), Jožef Stefan Institute (Slovenia), Public Agency for technology of the Rep. of Slovenia (Slovenia), University of Pécs (Hungary), Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya (Hungary), Euro Perspectives Foundation (Bulgaria), Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Greece), Belgrade Chamber of Commerce (Serbia), Croatian Institute of Technology (Croatia).

Website:  http://www.evlia.eu/

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