"INNOGROW" - Innovative Entrepreneurship for Increased Employability, New Business Creation & Economic Growth

(Erasmus+ KA2 Field: Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training)

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The unemployment figures in Europe have been increasing over the recent years while SMEs, the backbone of European economy, need to adapt in the changing dynamics of global economy in order to remain competitive and continue to exist. The intersection point needed is contemporary and transversal skills (such as: creative thinking, problem solving, risk taking, team work, innovation management and etc.) falling under two main terms; “innovation” and “entrepreneurship”.

“INNOGROW”, implemented under the Erasmus+, aims to increase employability levels of and new business creation by young unemployed individuals (including NEETs), higher education students and key SME staff with the use of an innovative ‘learning path’ method and pedagogic approach, including self-assessment tool, self-learning training materials on innovative entrepreneurship/ intrapreneurship and business idea development tool, and being supported by tutors and classroom trainings, all to be designed and pilot tested within the framework of the project.

KiNNO, relying on its expertise to develop similar assessment tools for SMEs in various EU projects, is the task leader to design and develop the self-assessment tool for innovative entrepreneurship assessing the Capacities on iEntrepreneurship using a benchmarking process, in all the contemporary entrepreneurship skills. The tool will respect the competence profile of innovative entrepreneurs from Greece, Turkey, Romania and Spain, as identified through specific interviews with ientrepreneurs. Moreover, KiNNO will design and develop training modules related to innovation, entrepreneurship and business development on which future entrepreneurs will be trained during a Capacity Building classroom training in Greece.

Partnership: MAKRO Yonetim Gelistirme Danismanlik Ltd. Sti. (Turkey), Kingston University Higher Education Corporation (United Kingdom), Knowledge & Innovation Consultants – KiNNO (Greece), Knowledge Innovation Market S.L. – KIM (Spain),Consiliul National Al Intreprinderilor Private Mici Si Mijlocii Din Romania Asociatie (Romania),Gaziantep Teknopark (Turkey).

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