"ODEON” - Open Data for European Open iNnovation (Interreg MED Programme)

ODEON project aims at establishing and promoting the exploitation of Open and Big Data through supporting clusters, SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs which are active in green/blue growth and CCIs sectors and involve the open data usage in their activities and processes.

The main goal of the ODEON project is to establish an innovative data MED cluster, made out of SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs & research institutes participating in the Regional Data Hubs that will be formed at a local level in the context of the project. The goal of this cluster is to develop Open Data’s entrepreneurial and market value and support the development of innovative project ideas, joint-projects and collaborations.

In Greece, GFOSS - Open Technologies Alliance will operate as the Greek Open Data hub, which will provide a variety of services like capacity building seminars, coaching, mentoring and matching activities to SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs, with the support of KiNNO Consultants Ltd.

KiNNO Consultants LTD. is responsible for:

  • Conducting Preliminary Study on Open Data exploitation in Mediterranean area
  • Designing Methodology for the implementation of the pilot activities in the context of the project in Mediterranean area
  • Mapping the Open Data stakeholders in Greece
  • Providing Mentoring and Coaching services to SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs for auditing and validating Innovative open data project ideas and supporting them to develop their Business Plan 
  • Conducting study for the available funding opportunities in the sector of Open Data Entrepreneurship
  • Evaluating the pilot activities that implemented in the Greek Open Data Hub
  • Conducting RIS3 Regional Policy Recommendations Roadmap in the sector of Open Data
  • Conducting Sustainability plan for the Data MED Cluster and the Greek Open Data Hub

Partnership: Veneto Region (Italy), Chamber of Economy Montenegro (Montenegro), Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments (Croatia), Technology Park Ljubljana Ltd (Slovenia), Greek Free Open Source Software Society (Greece), Government of Aragon (Spain),  Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories (France), Padova Chamber of Commerce Industry Crafts Agriculture (Italy), Region of Crete (Greece)

 Website: https://odeon.interreg-med.eu/

Funding Opportunities

Available funding opportunities:

EIC Accelerator
EIC Pathfinder

EIC Transition

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