RoboWeldAR - Cognitive robotic welding solution for Shipbuilding 2.0

RoboWeldAR, a KYKLOS 4.0 funded experiment project, is an innovative, self-navigating robotic welding solution that will revolutionize the ship new-building and repair industry (Shipbuilding 2.0). The main goal is to deliver a robotic welding system that will automate highly custom tasks in agnostic and ever-changing environments, such as shipbuilding and repair operations in the shipping industry, by performing high-quality and safe welding tasks, while providing technicians with the ability to monitor and easily insert custom welding trajectories.

RoboWeldAR is designed to bridge the gap between the human-operators and robot-machines; also enabling those who are not familiar with the technology and process, towards modernizing laborious, dangerous jobs, while raising the efficiency and competitiveness of the shipbuilding and repair industry through the economic, social, environmental benefits the solution creates.

KiNNO INNOVATION INTERMEDIARIES aims at Value Creation of RoboWeldAR demonstrating expertise to support services such as strategy design, knowledge acquisition and commercialization, open innovation schemes and crosscutting services, and capacity building. KiNNO is repsonsible to assess the market potential of the system & develop a clear business plan detailing the financial mix

Partnership: IKnowHow SA (GREECE), Carell SA (GREECE), KiNNO Consultants (GREECE)

Website: (RoboWeldAR)

The project is funded by European union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Grant Agreement no 872570.

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Funding Opportunities

Available funding opportunities:

EIC Accelerator
EIC Pathfinder

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