“Topon Eforia” - Fertile Places: Nutritional Products and Sustainable Development in the insular cross-border regions of Greece and Cyprus.

(CBC program "Greece – Cyprus” 2007-2013)

The project involves the implementation of local sustainable development projects to enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of selected areas of cooperation (Lasithi Plateau, Sitia, Chios, Communities of the Troodos Region) and to highlight the quality features of their unique local food products, namely: a) the actual quality, b) the quality evidenced through various certification systems and c) the symbolic quality attributed to a product, due to specific cultural, ideological or symbolic relationships with consumers.

In summary, the objectives of the project are:

  • the promotion of local development of small and remote villages and settlements, and the establishment of foundations that will help the local people to stay or return to the intervention areas
  • the improvement of the quality of life of residents in the wider areas of intervention by shifting to local products and taking advantage of their assets
  • the improvement of  handling procedures of local food products, by identifying appropriate methods of hygiene and food safety, and appropriate packing, bottling, distribution and maintenance approaches.
  • the search for suitable methods of publicity and promotion of local food products, particularly within the areas of cooperation, strengthening the business dimension of the areas.


KiNNO Consultants Ltd. as the external expert of the Regional Administration of Chios, is responsible for:

  • Identifying current trends and needs of agrofood sector of the areas
  • Identifying modern marketing tools and methods in the sector
  • Designing a methodology for the effective development of Marketing Strategy for the promotion and distribution of local agrofood products
  • Designing the Marketing Plan for the effective promotion of local products
  • Designing the Distribution Strategy for the distribution of the local products through effective distribution channels


Partnership: Municipality of Lasithi Plateau (Greece), Municipality of Sitia (Greece), North Aegean Region - Regional Administration of Chios (Greece), Development Agency for the Communities of the Troodos Area LTD (Cyprus)


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