“OPTIMIZEMED”- Optimizing and Profiting Best Practices in the Med Area on Foreign Trade, Intermodal Transport and Maritime Safety

(MED programme - Capitalization Call)

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OPTIMIZEMED is a capitalization project co-financed by the MED Programme. Eleven Partners, from five different MED Countries, who have a strong background in cooperation projects, have decided to join their efforts participating to an umbrella type project focusing strictly on related transport issues and aiming to improve and enhance the ICT tools and best practices of seven MED Projects: BACKGROUNDS, TRANSit, PORTA, TERCONMED, SECUR MED PLUS, MEMO and LOSAMEDCHEM.

The purpose of the OPTIMIZEMED e-platform is to represent the joined efforts made within the prior MED projects and, as a result, OPTIMIZEMED is expected to become an umbrella type project with direct and indirect benefits at regional, national and European level in terms of competitiveness and transport sustainability.

OPTIMIZEMED partners aim to capitalize and exploit the most relevant results achieved in previous MED projects that have been gathered in three thematic, according to their major outcomes:

 ·         Improve the supply chain by using innovative IT tools

 ·      Increase economic & port activities state and prospective knowledge

 ·         Optimize maritime risk prevention & safety tools

 KiNNO as expert of the University of the Aegeanis involved in:

 §  Recommendations for maritime and intermodal issues in policy formulation and next steps to be followed

 §  Establishment of OPTIMIZE-MED e-platform and interconnection with the online platform of the TRANSit project

 §  Activities aiming at the further upgrade and enhancement of OPTIMIZE-MED online platform

Partnership: FEPORTS - Port Institute for Studies and Co-operation in the Valencian Region(Spain), CERTH - Centre of Research and Technology Hellas- Hellenic Institute of Transport (Greece), University of the Aegean- Research Unit (Greece), Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of the Valencia Region (Spain), RDC - Regional Development Centre Koper (Slovenia), Province of Novara (Italy), Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Marseille Provence (France), Piraeus Port Authority (Greece), Liguria Region - Department of Regional Programs, Ports, Transports, Public Works and Building (Italy), Port Authority of Catania (Italy), Prometni Institute Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Website: http://www.optimizemed.eu/

Funding Opportunities

Available funding opportunities:

EIC Accelerator
EIC Pathfinder

EIC Transition

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