National Smart Specialization Strategy 2021-2027, Greece

KiNNO jointly with the Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research (IOBE), as external experts of the Ministry of Development & Investments, have been assigned the preparation of the National Smart Specialization Strategy for the new programming period 2021-2027 for Greece.

The National Smart Specialization Strategy sets out the vision of the country in alignment with other national or European policies, priorities, strategies and/or regulations and designs interventions to boost the performance of specific economic sectors, which are selected based on methodological criteria and data.

To this end, the tasks undertaken by the experts are the following:

  1. Rationale and methodological approach for the strategic framework of the National Smart Specialization Strategy
  2. Analysis of the international, European and national frameworks that shape the foundation of the National Smart Specialization Strategy
  3. Brief assessment of the application of the National and 13 Regional Smart Specialization Strategies of 2014-2020
  4. Methodological approach for the selection of the strategic sectors of focus for 2021-2027
  5. Directions for the setup and operation of the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process
  6. Directions for the governance structure and monitoring & evaluation tools and mechanisms
  7. Elaboration of the National Smart Specialization Strategy and corresponding Action Plan for 2021-2027
  8. Support to the contracting authority for the self-assessment of the enabling conditions "Good governance of national or regional smart specialization strategy" and its seven fulfillment criteria

Based on the findings so far, the proposed economic sectors to focus for 2021-2027 are:

- Agrifood value chain

- Biosciences, Health and Medicines

- Digital Technologies

- Sustainable Energy

- Environment and Circular Economy

- Transport & Logistics

- Materials, Construction and Industry

- Tourism, Culture and Creative Industries

The intervention logic designed, follows the rationale of the innovation journey aiming to tackle the country’s barriers to innovation and digitalization and manage the dual (green & digital) industrial transition by:

  • Increasing the production of new knowledge
  • Effective utilization and dissemination of new knowledge
  • Technological modernization - adoption of innovations
  • Development, Networking & Internationalization of Greek companies
  • Increasing Extroversion - Participation in International Research, Technological and Business Value Chains

The intervention fields to be targeted are the human resources capital, the research & innovation infrastructures, Innovation Support Mechanisms, research & production connection, digital transformation, regulatory framework, public procurement for Innovation and promotion/dissemination.

Partnership: KiNNO Consultants Ltd (Greece), Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research (Greece).

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Contact person:

  • Victoria Katsarou - Consultant and Quality Assurance Manager

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