Barcelona, 'Smart Growth & MED Programme'

On 19th October, the 2011 Med Programme event took place in Barcelona. It offered manifold possibilities to meet and exchange, inform and learn, create and influence.

What was the conference about?

The EU 2020 Strategy launched in March 2010 sets out a vision of Europe's social market economy for the 21st century. It puts forward three mutually reinforcing priorities: 'Smart Growth', 'Sustainable Growth' and 'Inclusive Growth'.

The event had a closer look on how the EU aims to boost 'Smart Growth' and to develop an economy based on knowledge and innovation. How can Territorial Cooperation in the Mediterranean contribute to reach these aims? To find out, the spotlight was put on innovative approaches and ‘innovation’ projects in the Med programme: What has been reached by the classical Med projects aiming to innovate in various fields, what is about to be implemented by the pioneer strategic projects selected in 2011? Click here to download the agenda.

More specifically, KiNNO Consultants Ltd. participated in the event presenting MET3 project and WiNNOVATE project as case studies under the panel section “Innovation projects stimulating economic development”.

The participants had the possibility to discuss and provide input for the future: what has to be further developed to innovate in the Mediterranean? What are the needs for the future transnational cooperation in the Med area and which are the working fields that will deliver the greatest gain for smart, inclusive and sustainable growth?

For more information regarding the MET3 project and our role click here and regarding the WiNNOVATE project and our role click here.

Click here to find more information concerning the Annual event and MED programme.


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