Luxembourg, Assisting policy making in Europe’s peripheral regions

KiNNO Consultants Ltd. along with the rest of the ADES consortium, has submitted the revised interim report of the project which has received positive feedback from both project’s stakeholders (Province of Savona, Italy; Region of Western Greece, Greece; City of Jyvaskyla, Finland) as well as the ESPON Monitoring Committee.

Through this project KiNNO Consultants Ltd. aims to provide input to policymakers on future options for infrastructure investment in peripheral regions in Europe. Peripheral territories often suffer from weak accessibility which potentially may lead to unequal growth and hinder a polycentric development in Europe.

The project aims at providing a better understanding of the opportunities and perspectives of regional airport investments in peripheral areas from a European and National perspective, as well as its contribution to regional economic development.

ADES is an ESPON funded project. For more information regarding ADES project and our role click here.

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