INSPIRE, Real-life European SMEs Open Innovation Success Stories Shared Online

For the last months, the INSPIRE project team - a multidisciplinary consortium of reputable universities working in Open Innovation and leading SME intermediaries - have been doing an extensive search of real life open innovation projects carried out by European SMEs.

KiNNO, as a member of the INSPIRE team, is pleased to announce the publication of INSPIRE first batch of 12 inspirational cases of Open Innovation in SMEs, which were identified during our in-depth study of more than 120 cases of Open Innovation in SMEs across Europe.

These case studies are now available at the INSPIRE project website at

We hope you enjoy reading about each unique Open Innovation journey, how the SMEs engaged with external parties to develop and implement their innovation and the ways in which they managed this collaboration to achieve success for their business.

We also invite you to join our LinkedIn group "Open Innovation in SMEsto keep you updated about our work and future outputs.

New inspirational cases, a database with 120 Open Innovation practices and a ready-to-use toolbox of training modules and tools to help manage more effectively the Open Innovation process in SMEs will be released in the coming months.

To learn more about the INSPIRE project and our role in it, click here.

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