Maritime Surveillance opportunities thrived within the PROteuS Project

After 3 years of implementation, the project “PROteuS - Promoting security and safety by creating a MED cluster on Maritime Surveillance” is coming to an end.

The main objective of the project was to exploit the growth potential of the Maritime Surveillance industry and bring all concerned stakeholders together, in order to create links and business opportunities in the Mediterranean area.

PROteuS brought together 245 maritime surveillance stakeholders from Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Portugal, mapped over 220 technologies, established 6 national nodes for coordination and created opportunities for 183 B2B meetings among the actors. Moreover, 24 capacity building seminars were implemented in the concerned regions and 1 online platform for the MED cluster was created to facilitate the interaction between the members and their extroversion activities.

KiNNO supported the project as a subcontractor, by participating in mapping the current state situation in maritime surveillance, identifying cluster members, their technologies/products and needs and assessed their potential exploitation. The company also worked to identify market and business opportunities and offered support services to cluster members (ie. implementation of coaching sessions and elaboration of Business & Exploitation Plans).

To celebrate the successful conclusion of the project, the partnership has recently released a PROteuS video with the project overview, which is available here.

To learn more about the project, click here.


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