Smart Islands - Innovation Management Strategies workshop

KiNNO Consultants LTD. has been involved in setting up a number of Entrepreneurial workshops which took place on the Greek islands. The topics given were:
- New Technologies in Logistics (22/09/07)
- Energy (22/09/07)
- Total Quality (29/09/07)
- Demand Forecast Models (29/09/07)
- Warehouse Management (06/10/07)
- Production Management (06/10/07)
- Agroturism (13/10/07)
- Environmental Management (20/10/07)
- Innovation Management Strategies (27/10/07)

The focus of the Innovation Management Strategies workshop, was the development of new products and services, market growth, continuous improvement as well as new organizational structures. Kinno has assisted participant SMEs to develop Action Plan while emphasis was given on:
• Strategies of operational growth via innovation
• Sources of ideas for innovative activity
• Innovation Process and Competitive Advantage
• Networking and Innovation

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