HADRIAMED - Innovation and Networking in SME’s

KiNNO Consultants LTD., as Technical Consultant of the project “HADRIAMED” participated in the recent seminar organized by the Prefecture of Larissa, which took place in the area of Livadi on the 15th of December 2007 with the following theme: Promoting the development of isolated mountain areas – The Case Study of Livadi Elassonas.

Main objective was the presentation of the work results and dissemination of the project , so that all involved institutions and local actors are thoroughly informed. During this mainstreaming meeting, KiNNO presented on “Innovation and Networking in SME’s”.
The expected results of the seminar and the whole project are summed up as follows :

Knowledge of valorisation of territorial potentials;

Increasing of territorial planning capacities of development responsible;

Creation of a development model for isolated areas, through the attraction of new residents;

Setting up of a transfer model of wireless services;

Transnational networking among rural, mountain and insular areas, for developing of shared policies of planning and management of territory.

Implementation of actions among policy makers, to the valorise the territories’ potentials through new policies of new residents attraction.

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