HELIAC – An innovative solar solution supported by EIT InnoEnergy

HELIAC – An innovative solar solution from EIT InnoEnergy.

Heliac, one of the EIT InnoEnergy Key Assets, has developed a solar solution, which generates heat using flat lenses that focus sunlight exactly like magnifying glasses.

Heliac solar fields work from the same principles as CSP (Concentrated Solar Power). What sets Heliac’s solution apart from CSP is the use of inexpensive, flat lenses that generate heat instead of the more costly, curved mirrors that are used in traditional CSP.

Heliac’s conversion efficiency to heat reaches up to 60% of the incoming sunlight. Heliac’s flat panels can generated heat temperature up to 200°C (up to 80°C for other flat panels for large scale usage).

Contact KiNNO Consultants Ltd., the EIT InnoEnergy representative in Greece and Cyprus to learn more about the technology of Heliac, a solar solution that excels in performance, costs and versatility, thereby having the potential to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of global process industries.

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  • Stamatis Mitropoulos - BUSINESS ANALYST

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