SKELETON – Global Leader in Ultracapacitor - Based Energy Storage

Skeleton Technologies is the global technology leader in Ultracapacitor energy storage in automotive, transportation, grid, and industrial applications. Skeleton works with large companies all around the world to decrease emissions and fuel consumption, to improve power quality, to protect equipment and infrastructure from power peaks, and to power electrification to fight climate change.

Being one of the most important InnoEnergy Assets, Ultracapacitors are considered supplementary to existent energy storage systems and they use an electric field to store energy. More specifically, Ultracapacitors provide:

  • High Power Density,
  • Limited Energy Density,
  • Extreme Cycle Life,
  • Extremely Fast Charge Rate, and
  • Abundance of Raw Materials.

Contact KiNNO Consultants Ltd., the EIT InnoEnergy representative in Greece and Cyprus to learn more about the technology of Skeleton, an energy storage solution that excels in performance, costs and durability.

Contact person

  • Stamatis Mitropoulos - BUSINESS ANALYST

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