Emerging Trends, Practices and Policies in the field of Green Economy

During the past months, KiNNO, implemented the study: "Investigation of Emerging Trends, Practices and Policies in the Field of Green Economy" on behalf of IME GSEVEE. The study was carried out in the framework of the project "Interventions of GSEVEE for the systematic monitoring and forecasting of changes in the productive and business environment of small and medium enterprises" funded through Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020 (EPAnEK).

Key Findings:

  • Conditions for adoption development of Green Entrepreneurship in Greek small businesses
    • Culture in favour of the transition to a green economy 
    • Capital capable for the transition to green entrepreneurship 
    • Skills to manage and adopt green entrepreneurship practices 
  • Impact of adopting green technologies-practices on Greek small businesses
    • Saving energy resources, and money 
    • Increase competitiveness and profits 
    • Short-term increase in operating costs 
    • Low-cost or negligible practices have very limited negative effects, as opposed to higher-cost practices that create lending and service needs. 
  • Obstacles to the adoption and development of green entrepreneurship in Greek small businesses
    • Lack of necessary initial capital 
    • Lack of funding 
    • Difficult access to finance 
    • Lack of funds for big changes within small businesses 
    • Even small, low-cost green entrepreneurship solutions should be subsidized and recognized 
  • Contribution of the development of green entrepreneurship practices to the growth of the Greek economy
    • The adoption and development of green entrepreneurship practices so far has favoured the Greek economy and the industry 
    • The future contribution will be positive and will give the Greek economy the strong impetus it needs 
    • Green transition requires economies of scale, resources, time, and personalized solutions for every industry and every type of business 

Policy proposals for the support of Green Entrepreneurship in Greek small businesses:

  • Development of support infrastructure
    • (Re)Training Structures for Small Entrepreneurs and staff
    • Information Structures for Small Entrepreneurs
    • Small Businesses Interface Structures
    • Service Provider Structures for Small Entrepreneurs
  • Development of institutional and legal framework
    • Central Strategic Direction for the promotion of Green Entrepreneurship practices in small enterprises 
    • Restructuring of the legal framework
  • Provision of financial support
    • Subsidies
    • Connecting small businesses with Financial System
    • Small business grants
    • Tax reliefs
    • Points awarded for future calls 

Contact person:

  • Stamatis Mitropoulos - BUSINESS ANALYST

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