Scaling up EU Deeptech Startups: KiNNO INNOVATION INTERMEDIARIES selected as an Impact Builder for the X2.0 programme

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“X2.0 is a deeptech growth programme that seeks to ensure the scaling up of EU deeptech startups by providing custom, industry-focused, growth programme that will act as a catalyst in delivering market-ready applications and technology solutions in 5 key impact areas: Manufacturing & Circular Economy, AgriTech, HealthTech & BioTech, Smart Cities and Sustainability, and Data & A.I.).”

X2.0 will distribute €1.5M through vouchers to startups, SMEs and scaleups to access services provided industry impact builders.

KiNNO INOVATION INTERMEDIARES Ltd.,has been selected as an Impact Builder (service provider) for the X2.0 project.

KiNNO INOVATION INTERMEDIARES Ltd., will provide a range of specialized services to startups in the following areas: Manufacturing & Circular Economy, AgriTech, Smart Cities and Sustainability. These services include:

1. Business Development/Scaling Up: KiNNO's expert team will offer strategic guidance and support for organizations seeking to expand and scale their projects. Through tailored strategies and market analysis, organizations will be equipped to unlock their full potential and extend their positive impact.

2. Finance/Investment Seeking: KiNNO's dedicated finance experts will assist startups in identifying suitable funding opportunities and securing the financial resources needed to propel their projects forward.

3. Internationalization/Soft Landing: KiNNO support will guide startups in establishing their projects abroad, facilitating soft landing in new markets.

For more information on KiNNO INNOVATION INTERMEDIARIES' services and potential funding opportunities through the X2.0 programme, contact:


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Funding Opportunities

Available funding opportunities:

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