Innovative Web-based Platform for Green Freight transport

One of the main outputs of the European project “TRANSit-Mediterranean Intermodal Transit” was the development and testing of an innovative e-platform that provides all the necessary information related to freight transport (departures/arrivals, capacities, transit availability etc.) to all interested parties in the field (cargo shipping companies, road and rail cargo operators etc) for the transport of a freight from one Mediterranean origin city to another.

The TRANSit platform is based on state-of-the-art ICT and telematics cargo services and is integrated to all the participant in the project sites and provides intercommunication among them and all the local transport logistics operators. By this way, the information provided promotes the use of intermodal or multimodal services that expand productivity, efficiency and transit capacity usage. Main scope of this platform is to raise the need of such an approach on freight transport, promoting the e-Freight concept, in association with low environmental impact, while disseminating its results to public policy level.

KiNNO Consultants LTD. as a Technical Consultant of the Decentralized Administration Authority of Aegean of Greece tested the TRANSit e-platform in the region of Cyclades and conducted a study over the benefits that an innovative system like that could provide to local freight transport sector.

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