Athens, NEW PROJECT! 'ADES - Airports as drivers of economic success in peripheral regions'

KiNNO Consultants LTD. has been awarded the ADES project on “Airports as drivers of economic success in peripheral regions”. Peripheral territories in more remote or secondary areas in Europe suffer from restricted accessibility compared to capitals and EU transport hubs, which may lead to unequal growth and impede a balanced polycentric development. As transport and accessibility are key requisites to economic prosperity and long-term attractiveness, it is essential that policymakers in peripheral regions are able to adopt appropriate strategies.

The project focuses on the medium and long term opportunities offered by consolidating regional airports in a coordinated accessibility strategy. It aims at providing a better understanding on the opportunities and perspectives of regional airports investments in the peripheral areas from a European and National perspectives and its contribution to regional economic development. In particular the relation between the aim of polycentric development (at European and National levels) and the policy orientations taken for developing the infrastructure networks should be addressed.

By drawing on existing ESPON knowledge and results, the stakeholders supporting this targeted analysis expect to receive based evidence on the role of regional airports in enhancing territorial potentials and contributing to a polycentric development at national and European levels. The main aim is to provide inputs to policymakers on future options for infrastructure investment in peripheral regions in Europe that could foster economic development, attractiveness and better integration of these regions in the medium and long-term perspectives.

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