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KiNNO has established strategic partnerships with a number of international Partners such as Researchers & Technology Organisations (RTOs), Business Support Actors, Clusters & Networks of SMEs, Innovation Relay Centers, International IP companies, Technology Transfer Professionals, Venture Capitalists, Policy Makers as well as Start-up companies, SMEs and Large firms, from Europe and the Mediterranean. The network has recently been expanded with peers from US, and emerging countries including China, South Africa and Latin America.


KiNNO has also developed a sophisticated network of professional expertise by becoming member of the European Association of Innovation Consultants (EAIC), the Hellenic Emerging Technologies Industry Association (HETIA), the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), the Technology Innovation International (TII) and the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI).


KiNNO acts as broker for the European Space Agency (ESA) – Technology Transfer Network. With this capacity, KiNNO identifies and accelerates the deployment of technologies, expertise and systems from ESA and other European space programmes to non-space sectors such as maritime, agriculture, transport, defense, agriculture and tourism.




map KiNNO v2

map KiNNO v2

Funding Opportunities

Available funding opportunities:

EIC Accelerator
EIC Pathfinder

EIC Transition

For more information about deadlines visit the Calendar.


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